Intelligent Energy Management - Renewable and Clean Energy - Seasonal Storage - 30% Energy Saving

Our goal is to optimize the solar cell's enerji Heat Pili getiril in buildings and in terms of energy. In general, its years can be produced enough to produce from the sun; But it is the spatial and temporal distribution of years. Products that can store this deficiency for a long time and not to lose much.

HEAT BATTERY is used for long term and (loss of) lossless thermal energy storage in phase change.

* - Storage is up to 3.5 hours at 80-85 ° C.

* Hearing Notification: Short term (1/3 of the heat gained) -

* ın Hidden Heat ılan Storage Capacity: Long-term lossless (approx. 2/3 of heat gained)

* Trigger / Crystallization after Warning value: 55-56 ° C

* Triggering: Electromagnetic -

* Control: Automation

* Modular connection


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